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Surgeries, Conditions & Terms

A-Z LIST terms are provided to aid in the selection, use and understanding of Products shown on this website. Plain English Descriptions of medical terms are only a layperson's guide for identifying garment options - they are not a medical description or option. When searching, terms can be filtered by the following categories:

CONDITION   Such as lymphoedema, hernia and pregnancy, where a garment can aid treatment, management and wellbeing.

DEFINED TERM   Such as what it means when a product is classified as Available, Seasonal or By Order, and terms used in Terms & Conditions documents.

PRODUCT TERM   Such as Type (Body Suit, Compression Bra, Breast Form), Style (body coverage), Components (fasteners, straps) and Performance (Free of harmful chemicals), Body Measurements and Sizing Chart.

MEDICAL TERM   Such as Apron, Augmentation, Bilateral, Incision and Symmetry that are related to listed Surgeries or Conditions.

SURGERY   Such as Augmentation Mammoplasty (Breast Augmentation), Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) and Gynecomastia Surgery (Male Breast Reduction) where a garment can aid recovery or lifestyle and wellbeing after surgery.

Terms can also be sorted alphabetically by Commonly Called (layperson term) or by Technical Term (likely medical terminology).

To refine a search, use any or all of the following:

Filter by Category   Click on the 'Filter by' dropdown menu.
Sort in Alphabetical Order   Click on either the 'Common Called' or 'Technical Term' heading.
Filter Alphabetically   Click on a letter in the sidebar menu.

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Plain English Description
Sagging Breast
Ptosis (Breast)
More likely with larger breasts, but also a natural consequence of aging. Typically results in an increasing amount of breast tissue below the inframammary fold and the nipple pointing more downward
Garment Suggestions
Breast Lift
Fibrous tissue that forms when normal tissue is cut. Outcomes can be affected by severity, skin colour, wellbeing, age, diabetes, smoking and healing complications.
Sentinel Node Biopsy
Sentinel Node Biopsy
Identifying and then removing the first lymph node(s) to which breast cancer is likely to spread so it can be examined to determine whether cancer cells are present.
Swelling created by a build-up of inflammatory and lymphatic fluid in the surgical cavity during healing that can develop slowly over days and weeks. Smaller seromas can gradually disappear as the fluid is re-absorbed. Larger or uncomfortable seromas may need to be aspirated (drained).
SGAP Breast Reconstruction
Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator Flap Breast Reconstruction
Taking a 'flap' of skin and fat from the upper buttock/hip (love handles) to create a new breast.
Garment Suggestions
Breast Reconstruction
Shaping Breast Prosthesis
A thicker oval shape that fills the area where breast tissue has been removed.
Product Suggestion
Partial Forms & Shapers
A compression garment covering the lower torso (abdomen). Style variations include the height of cover up the torso and variations in coverage to the leg.
Product Suggestion
Sizing Chart
Sizing Chart
Sizing charts use two components – ‘Size Terms’ and ‘Body Measurements’ – to determine a garment size. Size Terms can be International (INT – S, M, L etc), vary between countries (AU-12B, EU-75B, US-34B) or Product Specific (ProdSpec, 34 AA/A). Body Measurements can comply with an international convention or be Product Specific.
Sizing Chart (AU)
Australian (AU) Sizing Chart
A sizing chart that uses commonly accepted Australian ‘Sizing Terms’ and ‘Body Dimensions’.
See Sizing Chart.
Sizing Chart (EU)
European (EU) Sizing Chart
A sizing chart that uses commonly accepted European ‘Sizing Terms’ and ‘Body Dimensions’.
See Sizing Chart.
Sizing Chart (INT)
International (INT) Sizing Chart
A sizing chart that uses commonly accepted Internal ‘Sizing Terms’ and ‘Body Dimensions’.
See Sizing Chart.
Sizing Chart (ProdSpec)
Product Specific (ProdSpec) Sizing Chart
A sizing chart that may use commonly accepted ‘Sizing Terms’ but that has unique or Product Specific ‘Body Dimensions’. This results in a garment sizing with that same Sizing Term but with a different fit to garments based on National or International sizing chart.
See Sizing Chart.
Sizing Chart (US)
United States (US) Sizing Chart
A sizing chart that uses commonly accepted United States ‘Sizing Terms’ and ‘Body Dimensions’.
See Sizing Chart.
Skin Sparing Mastectomy
Skin Conserving Mastectomy
Removing the breast tissue, nipple and areola but leaving the skin over the breast intact.
Garment Suggestions
Breast Reconstruction
Compression Sleeve
A graduated compression garment covering from the wrist to the upper arm. Style variations include additional coverage to the palm, a separate gauntlet, or a separate glove.
Product Suggestion
Sleeves & Stockings
Soft Cup
Soft Cup
Bra cups made from soft and lacy materials that are sewn together to form a cup shape.
More Information
Anatomy of a Bra
Spider Veins
A group of widened veins that can be seen through the skin surface.
Spigelian Hernia
Spigelian Hernia
When tissue protrudes between the rectus muscles and the lateral muscles of the abdomen.
Garment Suggestions
Stages of Surgery
Perioperative Stages
The time lapse surrounding surgery divided into three stages: pre-operative, operative and post-operative.
Surgical Staples
A sterile medical version of the common staple, commonly used in areas that move frequently, such as the abdomen, where greater strength is required to hold the incision closed.
Side Stays
Rigid metal wires or plastic strips sewn vertically into the bra band under each arm to stiffen and straighten the band.
More Information
Anatomy of a Bra
Thread used to sew the wound closed. Synthetic thread is later removed. Absorbable sutures dissolve over time, are not removed, and are usually used in the deeper layer of a wound.
Compression Stocking
An even or graduated compression garment covering the foot and extending up the leg. Style variations include an open or closed toe and coverage up the leg. Even compression stockings typically extend to below the knee. Graduated compression stocking can extend to below the knee or to the upper thigh.
Product Suggestion
Sleeves & Stockings
Strangulated Hernia
Strangulated Hernia
A potentially life-threatening condition where the surrounding muscle cuts off the blood supply by clamping down around (strangulating) protruding fatty tissue or a section of the small intestine.
Not an instruction, direction or medical option. Only intended to indicate a Product that may be an option or what might be achieved when a Product is used. Product selection and use should be at the direction of an appropriate medical professional.
Swim Form
Aquatic Breast Prothesis
A water-resistant breast form worn in a pocketed bather to recreate the look and feel of the breast line after a mastectomy.
Product Suggestion
Swim Forms
Acquired Symmastia
A complication of breast implants when the skin and muscle between the breasts over the sternum (breastbone) detaches and the two pockets of tissue that hold implants form one pocket (Congenital Symmastia is a rare condition resulting in webbing between the natural breasts).
Product Suggestion
Compression Bras

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