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Surgeries, Conditions & Terms

A-Z LIST terms are provided to aid in the selection, use and understanding of Products shown on this website. Plain English Descriptions of medical terms are only a layperson's guide for identifying garment options - they are not a medical description or option. When searching, terms can be filtered by the following categories:

CONDITION   Such as lymphoedema, hernia and pregnancy, where a garment can aid treatment, management and wellbeing.

DEFINED TERM   Such as what it means when a product is classified as Available, Seasonal or By Order, and terms used in Terms & Conditions documents.

PRODUCT TERM   Such as Type (Body Suit, Compression Bra, Breast Form), Style (body coverage), Components (fasteners, straps) and Performance (Free of harmful chemicals), Body Measurements and Sizing Chart.

MEDICAL TERM   Such as Apron, Augmentation, Bilateral, Incision and Symmetry that are related to listed Surgeries or Conditions.

SURGERY   Such as Augmentation Mammoplasty (Breast Augmentation), Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) and Gynecomastia Surgery (Male Breast Reduction) where a garment can aid recovery or lifestyle and wellbeing after surgery.

Terms can also be sorted alphabetically by Commonly Called (layperson term) or by Technical Term (likely medical terminology).

To refine a search, use any or all of the following:

Filter by Category   Click on the 'Filter by' dropdown menu.
Sort in Alphabetical Order   Click on either the 'Common Called' or 'Technical Term' heading.
Filter Alphabetically   Click on a letter in the sidebar menu.

Filter by:
Plain English Description
Caesarean Section
Delivery of a baby through an incision in the abdomen (belly) and uterus (womb).
Garment Suggestions
Calf Measurement
Around the widest part, between the knee and ankle.
More Information
Go to STUDIO RANGE, select an appropriate garment and see the measuring illustration.
Not an instruction, direction or medical option. Only intended to suggest a Product that may be an option or what might be achieved when a Product is used. Product selection and use should be at the direction of an appropriate medical professional.
Capsular Contracture
Capsular Contracture
When scar tissue that normally forms around a breast implant tightens and squeezes the implant causing it to change shape and/or become firm.
Cancer that begins in the skin or tissue covering an internal organ (such as breast tissue).
A common, harmless skin condition that causes lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen.
A common, potentially serious bacterial infection of the skin and underlying tissue. The skin becomes red, swollen and typically painful and warm to the touch. Common to the lower leg but can also affect the lower half of the breast where sweat can build up.
Using drugs to treat cancer, often as an adjuvant treatment following surgery.
Chest Measurement
Male: Around the fullest part of the chest at nipple level.
More Information
Go to STUDIO RANGE, select an appropriate garment and see the measuring illustration.
Chin Augmentation
Increasing the size and/or shape of the chin.
Garment Suggestions
Face, Neck, Chin & Ears
Chin Reduction
Reducing the size and/or shape of the chin.
Garment Suggestions
Face, Neck, Chin & Ears
Circumferential Incision
Circumferential Incision
An incision encircling, or around the periphery or circumference of the body.
Hook & Eye Fastener
A fastener comprised of ‘hooks’ or ‘U-shaped’ clips that connects into an ‘eye’ or loop. There are usually one column of hooks and several columns of clips to allow for a tighter or looser fit. The ‘gauge’ or spacing between each row of hook and eyes can vary between brands. For bras, the number of hook and eyes can increase as band width is increased for larger cup sizes.
The capacity of a garment to provide the appropriate type (even or graduated) and amount (millimetres of mercury, mmHg) of pressure around part of the body. As worn compression can vary depending on garment type, fit and care. Methods used to test garment mmHg performance vary between countries, therefore care is needed when comparing performance.
More Information
For an explanation of performance attributes, go to Garment Anatomy.
For garment specific performance, go to a STUDIO RANGE Product page, click on the Fitter’s Notes button and scroll down to PERFORMANCE.
Compression Garment
Post-Operative Recovery Garment
A garment designed to provide the firm and even pressure around part(s) of the body to support the area of surgery and lessen pain and discomfort, reduce swelling and bruising, aid body contouring and skin retraction and improve mobility.
Product Suggestion
Compression Garments
Axillary Web Syndrome
A tight, uncomfortable cord-like structure that can be felt (and sometimes seen) in the armpit and often extending down the arm.
Body Coverage
The extent to which a garment covers the body. For a compression garment, this would be the area needed to provide compression to, and just beyond, the area(s) of the body involved in the surgery. For a fashion bra, this would indicate width of the band, height of the cleavage and the like.
More Information
Garment Anatomy
Bra Cup
The shaped part of the bra that encloses, holds and shapes the breast tissue.
More Information
Anatomy of a Bra

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