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This PRIVACY POLICY (Policy) applies for the BreastCare WA Pty Ltd STUDIO (STUDIO) and the BreastCare WA Pty Ltd Website (ONLINE).

By placing an Order for a Product, you accept this Policy.

Related information includes our Terms of Use, our Product Purchase Terms, our Delivery Terms, and our Defined Terms.

Personal Information

General Information collected may include name, address, email, telephone number.

When surgery is involved, Additional Information collected may include surgeon, surgery, surgery date and hospital and health provider.

When placing an ONLINE Order, your Checkout Information may include General Information, body measurements, Order details and Delivery instructions.


BreastCare WA Pty Ltd (We) do not intentionally use cookies to retain information about your ONLINE use. Session cookies are used to facilitate your ONLINE use. Except for Checkout Information, information or data generated by session cookies is not intentionally retained when you leave this Site.

We may use Google Analytics to review ONLINE site use. This data does not give access to personal information.

BreastCare Use of Personal Data

We endeavour to use your personal data on a ‘when needed’ basis. We do not undertake ‘mass-marketing’ type promotional activities.

General Information is used for delivery when needed and to verify Product purchase if a defect claim arises.

Additional information is used to cross reference garment type with our knowledge of local surgeon garment preferences, to try and anticipate any garment availability issues, and to create an appropriate ‘paid’ invoice when a reimbursement claim can be made.

Checkout Information is used to verify garment type and size prior to dispatch to reduce the risk of error.

With your consent, We may use General Information to provide a reminder about Breast Form replacement eligibility, to inform you of the arrival of relevant new season garments and the like.

Third Party Disclosure

We will not intentionally provide personal information to a third party.

Exceptions occur when you request BreastCare WA to prepare and submit a reimbursement claim on your behalf, or if required to do so by law.

Data Management

We have a software separation approach whereby this Site only stores Checkout Information. To reduce the risk of an information breach, other personal information cannot be accessed from this Site.

Other personal information may be on ‘cloud’ based software. Data from this type of software is stored in a third party data centre. We have limited control over how ‘cloud’ based software manages and protects data. Where possible We have agreement from ‘cloud’ based providers to only store BreastCare WA data in Australian data centres.


You accept that We may vary this Policy at any time, and that the current version of this Policy is the one shown ONLINE. By continuing to use the STUDIO, or the ONLINE site, you consent to any variation and agree that it is your responsibility to regularly check this Policy for any variation.


It is our understanding that We are not required to comply with The Privacy Act. This Policy has been provided in good faith to explain how We endeavour to limit the collection, and use, of personal information.

You agree that this Policy is governed by and construed in accordance with the State of Western Australia, Australia (WA). If a dispute arises from these Terms, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of WA.

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