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Wearing Fashion and Sports Bras
Checking Adjustment & Fit

When wearing for the first time, depending on torso length (shoulder to underside of breast), shoulder straps may need to lengthened or shortened to allow the bra band to sit on the chest just below the breast. Straps can need different adjustment each side to correct differences in shoulder height. Correctly adjusted, straps hold the breast up in the cup, improving wear comfort and aligning the breasts.

With everyday fashion bra wear, or less frequent but higher impact sports bra wear, up and down breast movement pulls on the straps, they start slipping though the adjustment buckles at different rates and breast alignment is lost. Marking the correct strap adjustment at the buckle and viewing the breast line in a mirror wearing a horizontal striped t-shirt are ways to check strap adjustment and breast alignment. As a guide, shoulder straps should be checked every couple of wears.

Over time the band can also feel like it has stretched, but this is really loss of elasticity or the ability of the fabric to pull back to size. A first sign can be the bra starting to feel loose or needing to pull the band back into position. Tightening the band clips can stop it riding up, rotating or sliding down, but eventually there will be no more adjustment and the bra will need to be replaced. With appropriate care the life of the bra fabric can be extended.

Sometimes discomfort is caused by change in body or breast shape. If a bra starts to feel tight round the chest a different band size may be needed. A good indicator of over tightness is red marks on the skin under the band or shoulder straps that remain for a while after the bra has been taken off.

If the breasts start to spill out of the top of the cup or the bra starts to ‘pucker’ (feel loose) over the nipple area the breast size may have changed and a different cup size may be needed.

Especially after breast surgery, continuing to wear a tight bra can increase the risk lymph flow disruption.

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